A profoundly educated artist, gifted with subtle irony and a great sense of humour, sofisticated and introverted, like all broad-minded persons he was in perpetual emotional and intellectual tension, endeavouring the paradox to harbour at the same time great courage and deep weakness.
Le bateau ivre, Davide Di Maggio

Oscar Braendli’s motion was (is) slow and never disordered ; he, the elegant, gentle, generous one, left us – as inimitable prelude of joy – three thousands versions of an intimate limitless path.
I told of a child : Myrth is eternal, like Myth it is born as a plant and, with a large flight, it can often be seen among Minuzia’s roses.
Notes for Oscarino, Sergio Dangelo

Text from Andrea Oscar Braendli, Un osservatore del mondo,
Milan, Ed. Mudima, 2014.

Oscarino Braendli, swiss artist, was born and grew up in Milan. He spent his life in the two countries of origin, at the margins of society, pursuing his personal artistic research with steadiness, in isolation.

Many of his paintings were inspired by a meticulous observation of reality, freely transferred on paper where soft lines and tiny points emerge from surfaces and compositions of intense and brilliant colours.

These visions find their congenial dimensions within few square centimetres, a format reminiscent of the glass slides of microscope preparations, the fundamental filter to explore forms of life at his origin. These works reveal in their dimensions the artist’s thoughtfulness.