To tell us – in four or at most fifty square centimeters - a story, a thought, a dream, always dipping in an endless imaginary of colours. Pure poetry, and a very beautiful one, too.
Gino Di Maggio, May 2017.

An ultramathematically minute point, unimaginably minuscule, and still alive.
o.a.b. February 2007

Possible, childish, ....physically clause definition of “gas” : Gas! Sparse molecules which move almost freely oscillating in the endless space otherwise filled with nothing .
o.a.b. July 14, 2001

On the Tess-Luga bus I happen to hear one of the two usual tranquil fools saying: “ As Calvino (?) said, the infinitely tiny… …is always black (by mind , something of myself too)
o.a.b. June 16, 2003

"The most beautiful song moves to silence"
July 5, 2003

Quotes from personal journal of OAB